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Cali Lane

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Contact Me This group of boys are opening for me at my "Make Your Move Concert" in Pahrump. They are awsome musicians and I am personal friends with each one. They are very talented!! Check them out!! Saddle West Hotel and Casino is where the first concert from the "Make Your Move Concert Tour" was located. I worked with some very wonderful people there that have helped and supported my music career from the beginning. Out of Dixie State College, these DJs invited me, along with other talented musicians, out to Dixie to perform in their annual Dixie Music Festival. Thanks again JDogg!!! I met Issac in Dixie, Utah. We both were performing at the Dixie Music Festival.  He was an AMAZING musician/singer!!! After meeting him, I bought his CD and I was hooked. Be looking for him on the red carpet soon!