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Cali Lane

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The Beginning...

In my Biography you can find out more information about me and how I got started singing.

    Cali has shown a passion for singing and dancing since a very early age.  Even as an infant she would sing in church whenever the choir began to perform...and she usually could drown out the entire choir!
Now she has set her personal goals and is working hard toward a professional singing career.

    Cali began performing as a dancer at the age of 9.  She danced with her performance group, the "PeeWees" in National Competitions, receiving Gold Medals the entire season.

    She continued dancing with the passion and professionalism she had developed at an early age, and at the age of 13 took on the responsibility of teaching a Performance Group with a local dance studio.

    But, singing was taking over as her primary love.  She began voice lessons and performing at the age of 12.  After a very short time, she performed for the first time at a Cinco de Mayo celebration.  A few weeks later, she sang "The Rose" at the
Stand for Children benefit.  And the rest, as they say, is history!!!

    In February of 2003, Cali cut her first Demo.  She recorded three songs:  Candy; I Hope You Dance; and, It's All Coming Back to Me Now.  She is currently working toward achieving a recording contract with a popular recording label.  She hopes to accomplish this with the recording of an original song titled: "Walls".  Cali cut the demo on this song at the beginning of October at ManSais Studios

    Due to her dedication to her singing/performing career, Cali has chosen to continue her academic responsibilities through a home school curricula which will enable her to travel, as necessary, when performing venues arise.

    Now, Cali can be seen in a variety of venues.  Her diversity and style have brought her to the attention of a various people in the performance industry.  She has demonstrated her talents in the Pop, Country, and Rock genres.  Cali has combined her dance and vocal talents to produce a "must see" show.



Name: Cali Lane Maison
Date of Birth: August 1,1988
Parents: Leslie Maison